When creating Wox, users must create a 'plugin.json' file in the root of plugin folder. This file contains some basic information about the plugin. When user upload plugin to getwox.com, We will read the information in that file.

The format of plugin.json file:
Please remove the comments and replace related infos when you copy following config

  "ID":"D2D2C23B084D411DB66FE0C79D6C2A6H",   //Plugin ID,32 bit UUID
  "ActionKeyword":"wpm",                     //Plugin default action keyword
  "Name":"WPM",                              //Plugin name
  "Description":"Wox Package Management",    //Plugin description
  "Author":"qianlifeng",                     //Plugin Author
  "Version":"1.0.0",                         //Plugin version,must be x.x.x format
  "Language":"csharp",                       //Plugin language,we support csharp,python and executable now
  "Website":"http://www.getwox.com",         //Plugin website or author website
  "IcoPath": "Images\\pic.png",              //Plugin icon, relative path to the pluign folder
  "ExecuteFileName":"PluginManagement.dll"   //Execution entry. Dll name for c# plugin, and python file for python plugin

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