When compared to other plugins, plugins written in c# is able to communicate with the Wox directly. Wox itself is written in c#, so it has the advantage.

Steps for creating a c# plugin:

  • create plugin.json file
  • Create plugin solution

    1. Create C# library for plugin(.net framework 3.5)
    2. Add refrence Wox.Plugin by Nuget
    3. Create a class that implement IPlugin:

      public class Main : IPlugin
       public void Init(PluginInitContext context){}
       public List<Result> Query(Query query){}
      • Init method will be invoked when Wox loading this plugin. You can do some preparations here. PluginInitContext paramter will provide some public API you can use and other userful objects.

      • Query method will be invoked when user acivate this plugin and did search on that. You should return a List of Result object. Here is an example of Query method:

      public List<Result> Query(Query query){
       List<Result> results = new List<Result>();
       results.Add(new Result()
         Title = "Title",
         SubTitle = "Sub title",
         IcoPath = "Images\\plugin.png",  //relative path to your plugin directory
         Action = e =>
           // after user select the item
           // return false to tell Wox don't hide query window, otherwise Wox will hide it automatically
           return false;
         return results;

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